Free Range Buffalo/Bison

There are free ranging Bison on Kodiak out near Pasagshak. I say free-range because currently there is no fence to keep them from going wherever they want.  They hang out on Fossil Beach, swim around in Twin Lakes, trot down the road (and leave droppings) as well as in their free range pasture. This one is still losing it’s winter coat so it looks a little mangy. There are no wolves to harass them on Kodiak but the bears do pose a threat. Bison behavior can be very aggressive toward bears and this makes them a dangerous and difficult though bountiful meal.

Wild cows! Run for your lives!!!!

Free Range Bison on Kodiak Island

1964 Tidal Wave

In 1964 there was a sizable earthquake in Alaska. It was on Good Friday around 5 o’clock in the evening. It was a 9.2 on Ye Auld Richter Scale. The resulting tidal wave hit Kodiak Island. It was thirty feet tall. Thirty feet doesn’t seem like “a lot” to me. After all, they have 30 foot swells on the Bering Sea just west of us all the time, right? The marker below indicates where the wave reached its maximum elevation downtown. It’s a quarter mile from the marina!

Tsunami Marker

Tidal Wave Marker

Sunday Drive

I took a drive today and explored the rest of The Road System. The weather was exquisite. I drove to Chiniak and then to Fossil Beach. I took a lot of pictures and I am going to load some up but here are just a few to start with. Click on the pictures for higher resolutions (I think). If you want I am happy to share raw files under certain circumstances. They are usually around 40mb though but they are wow.

I’m Human!

UPDATE: It’s working. In the screen shot below is an example of a Captcha screen that now resides on this site for screening out spam-bots. I loaded it up a couple of days ago and haven’t received even one spam comment since. Yay!

So the website was getting tons of spam. “What do I do about that?” Some guy named Samir Shah wrote a “Captcha” widget for WordPress (the software that I use for the site). Here is a screen shot of the captcha you might see if you comment. This one you only need to use once because it remembers your IP address. It’s a smart widget too because the captcha phrase is always legible. There was another one that gave the commenter a simple math problem but it was not enabled to remember IP addresses. Anyway, Humans welcome.

Pillar Mountain

This picture was shot from 1200 feet. I didn’t have the good camera with me but you get the idea. This picture is like a single bite of a really good steak left over from yesterday. The presentation isn’t great and it is just a nibble, enough to remind me of how incredible a view is up there. The full view is powerful. I took this picture standing at the foot of a rather large windmill.

A Little Perspective

The below video is a view from most of the way up Pillar Mountain Road here in Kodiak. We couldn’t get all the way up safely because the road ends above the snowline and it is unmaintained. Soon though, we will get all the way up and I will try to do a 360 degree panoramic shot and post it. There was a lot of foot traffic on the road today because the weather is astoundingly beautiful albeit quite cold and windy.

Video: Short Panoramic Video Pillar Mountain Road

We made a short stop at Jewel Beach today. Supposedly the military used to dump garbage offshore of this beach and included in the garbage was a lot of glass, which washes up on this beach in remarkable quantity. We have been finding lots of brown and clear but there is also amber, green, rose, blue, yellow, and even purple! The picture wouldn’t be so blurry if it wasn’t so windy. Next time.